Nolcha comments on 88plug and the HotChocolate Society Oscar Party

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Nolcha had a nice writeup on the event and the work that I did.

“The HotChocolate™ Society Oscar Pool was the big prize of the night with the winner receiving “A Kiss from the Queen of Salt”, a salt painting by world renowned artist Bettina Werner and of course a mini HotChocolate™ Man Statuette. One mentionable highlight of the pool was the system created by 88plug, an Andrew Mello brand, that allowed guests to register online with their phones and then watch it auto-rank all players as the awards were revealed. The winner was Pablo Cartaya, a freelance writer, with 10 of 15 answers correct.”

Goto the HotChocolate Society Oscar Party website.

2nd HotChocolate Society Oscar Party

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88plug is sponsoring the Oscar pool with some custom built software for iPhone and Blackberry. We will be releasing this come Sunday evening!

More info and tickets here!

+ 2-Hours 2-4-1 DRINK SPECIALS from 7pm to 9pm
……….HotChocolate Martini (cold)
……….HotChocolate Toddy (hot)
……….Lemondrop Martini
+ Guittard’s Grand Cacao Drinking Chocolate
+ Ceviche & Empanada Station
+ Top Chef’s Savory & Sweet Bites
+ The Oscars® Broadcast on Multiple Screens
+ Whole Foods Market® Gift Bag
+ Live Online Oscar Pool
+ Fabulous Prizes!

22 February 2009, 7pm ‐ Best Picture
310 LOUNGE @ 310 Bowery; New York, NY 10012

TICKET REQUIRED: $25 advance
DOOR: $35

Additional MENU OFFERING: La Barra Cevicheria

* Mexican Fish Ceviche Hors D’oeuvres
* Mexican Mushroom Ceviche Hors D’oeuvres
* Argentinian Style Beef Empanada
* Argentinian Cheese & Poblano Peppers Empanada with Corn
* Mexican Tamales with Chicken & Mole

Animata – Real Time Animation in SL

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Video after the break!

Reverse Shadow Theatre from gabor papp on Vimeo.

Animata Jazz Pub from gabor papp on Vimeo.

“Animata is a cross-platform open source real-time animation software for live performance developed in Kitchen Budapest in 2007.

The software makes it really easy to create scenes with virtual puppets, which can be moved according to live input signals received from various physical sensors, microphones or cameras.

This video demonstrates Animata reacting to live audio input.


Bence Samu – video, animation, programming
Peter Nemeth, Gabor Papp – programming
Janos Gardos – graphics
Gabor Csordas – sound”

February Radar – Oscar’s

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I have been working hard over the last two weeks with Lisa Rein жана Michael D Ellenbogen to bring a piece of social interaction to an Oscar’s Party in NYC on Sunday the 22nd.

Our Site:


Full writeup/review/breakdown after the break on Sunday.  We are writing a bit of custom code for this as well to create a pool that is fully compatible on iPhone/Blackberry.  Future goals include porting an SMS feature onto the MSGME API.