Compatible hardware

Kakewalk on UD3P Mountain Lion

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Installation guide

Make sure to read through the guide before installation.

Here are the Kakewalk instructions, with my comments!

– USB Stick, at least 5GB
– A working Mac/Hackintosh
– Compatible hardware, like a Gigabyte GA-UD3P-EP45

Step 1 – Creating a Mac OS X USB stick

1. Download Mac OS X from the Mac App Store.

2. Start the Kakewalk application supplied with the zip archive you downloaded from here.

–Be sure that you do not have your DMG mounted!  This will block the install.

3. Next, click Install to USB

4. Select your motherboard

5. Click Browse and locate the Lion application (this can also be a DMG image file)

6. Make sure you select the correct disk for installation.

7. Click the Install button when you’re done.
This will install Lion onto your USB stick. It’s a lengthy install process and will take about 20-30 minutes.

Click here to Download the : ep45-UD3p Post Install.zip package.
Click here to goto the UD3P Guide.


Be sure to place this on your USB drive after Kakewalk finishes installing.

Step 2 – Setting up BIOS

1. Insert the USB stick in the PC you wish to install to.

2. Enter BIOS and go to Advanced Features

–You should probably reset your BIOS to Optimized Defaults.

Overlocking will not work with the installer.

3. Change the Hard Disk Boot Priority to your USB stick as primary (Number 1)

and set the harddrive you’re going to install to as secondary (Number 2)
eg. 1. USB-HDD0: SanDisk 16GB
2. SCSI-0: WD 500GB

4. Go back (ESC), go to Integrated peripherals


6. Go back (ESC), go to Power Management

7. Set the ACPI Suspend Type to S3(STR)

8. Set HPET Mode to 64-bit mode

9. Save and Exit, by pressing F10

Step 3 – Installing Mac OS X

Your system should now be booting from your thumb stick. The bootloader will greet you, and after 5 seconds it will start the Mac OS X installer.

–If your USB device isn’t booting, just hit F12 when booting to select your boot device.

1. Once the Mac OS X installer is up and running click Utilities and then Disk Utility

2. In the left hand pane select the harddrive you wish to install to

3. Click Partition then select 1 Partition then click Options and check GUID PartitionTable hit OK

4. Finally enter a name for your partition (eg. Mac) and Apply (Leave the formatdrop-down to its default value)

5. When partitioning and formatting is done, quit Disk Utility.

6. Now go on with the installation and select your partition (eg. Mac) and install.

7. When the installer has finished restart your computer.

Step 4 – Running Kakewalk

Boot from your thumb stick. Make sure to select the harddrive you just installed Mac OS X to and hit enter.

1. Once your installation is up and running open Finder.

2. Navigate to your thumb stick.

3. Start Kakewalk.

4. Select Install Kakewalk

5. Select your motherboard

6. Select the harddrive you just installed Mac OS X to.

7. When the installer has finished restart your computer.

8. Remove your USB stick and boot from your Mac OS X harddrive!