Asus X99M-WS Hackintosh Guide Sierra OS X

By April 14, 2017Hackintosh

X99M-WS Hackintosh Guide Sierra OS X

Step 1. Clover Install USB key

Step 2. Create a bootable installer for macOS

Step 3.  Set Bios Options

Secure Boot = Disabled / Other OS

CSM Compatibility Mode = Disabled

for eXHCI handoff – set to Auto

if you don’t you will have boot issues even after restoring optimized defaults.

Sep 3.  Add NVME Kexts to patch to config.plist to allow installer to use NVME drive.

Step 3. Add Asus-X99m-ws-PERFECT-KEXTS

Step 4. Add Audio

To prepare the X99M-WS for Audio, let’s first mount the EFI partition with Clover Configurator

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  • Nat says:

    Hi Andrew, I was trying to follow your guide, but it ended abruptly in the midst of Step4. Could you share your Clover config.plist? Thanks.

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