Blue Shield of California Review and Problems

By September 21, 2017Tips

Don’t make the mistake of signing up for Blue Shield of California. The worst issue is their support, and when it comes to healthcare – your data – and access to top quality support representatives Blue Shield of California fails miserabily. Let me note the biggest issues:

Outsourced customer service to the Philliphines – think your gonna talk to a surfer dude fresh off the beach, think again bro. You are going to be stuck with non-native English speaking staff that is irreprochable. The fun continues as they ask you for your social security number! What ? Wait you want me to tell my social security number to some outsourced employee in another country? Does anyone have any idea their data storage or security practices? What is their data retention policy? Nobody knows obviously – you’re dealing with the Philliphines.

The signup process had issues with auto-pay, their website functionality is terrible – and doesn’t work half the time.

Finally, when cancelling they are true scam artists.

I had called in to cancel my plan and after being reassured everything was handled properly I received a bill in the mail for the next month. Disgruntled, I called in to ask what happened? Surprise suprise! “We decouple our billing and subscription plans” Whatever that means?! Long story short – they didn’t cancel when I requested it – and required me to call back in and berate a manger over the head for this redicioulesness. Finally, after another 30 min phone call I had an “email confirmation” everything was cancelled. I am still waiting for the written, but my god – when you call to cancel – cancel a plan.

Buyer Beware – stay far far away from this company. They are not run as a U.S. operation.

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