Nolcha comments on 88plug and the HotChocolate Society Oscar Party

By February 22, 2009Sample Work

Nolcha had a nice writeup on the event and the work that I did.

“The HotChocolate™ Society Oscar Pool was the big prize of the night with the winner receiving “A Kiss from the Queen of Salt”, a salt painting by world renowned artist Bettina Werner and of course a mini HotChocolate™ Man Statuette. One mentionable highlight of the pool was the system created by 88plug, an Andrew Mello brand, that allowed guests to register online with their phones and then watch it auto-rank all players as the awards were revealed. The winner was Pablo Cartaya, a freelance writer, with 10 of 15 answers correct.”

Goto the HotChocolate Society Oscar Party website.

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