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New Samsung NVME is faster than RAM!

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The introduction of the Samsung 980 Pro with speeds claiming up to 7,000/5,000MB/s for read/write speed – this new era of PCIE 4.0 NVME is faster than ram! RAM costs about 10x more than NVME storage.

DDR4 Specs

Friendly nameIndustry namePeak Transfer RateData transfers/second (in millions)
DDR4-2400PC4-1920019200 MB/s2400
DDR4-2666PC4-2130021300 MB/s2666
DDR4-2933PC4-2340023400 MB/s2933
DDR4-3000PC4-2400024000 MB/s3000
DDR4-3200PC4-2560025600 MB/s3200
DDR4-3600PC4-2880028800 MB/s3600
DDR4-4000PC4-3200032000 MB/s4000
DDR4-4400PC4-3520035200 MB/s4400

DDR3 Specs

Friendly nameIndustry namePeak Transfer RateData transfers/second (in millions)
DDR3-800PC3-64006400 MB/s800
DDR3-1066PC3-85008533 MB/s1066
DDR3-1333PC3-1060010667 MB/s1333
DDR3-1600PC3-1280012800 MB/s1600

As you can see in these charts, this new speed if faster than base level DDR3 memory.

Best cpu frequency manager for linux

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cpu frequency manager for linux

By far the best cpu frequency manager for linux is a gnome extension call cpufreq. If you are not familiar with gnome extensions, they are very easy to manage and install. There is a Firefox plugin required, and once installed you can view your plugins here.

Features Include

  • Enable/Disable total cores in use
  • Granular control over power profiles
  • Easily set min/max frequency
  • Starts on boot and can be managed as a gnome plugin

Step 1 : Add the Gnome Firefox Plugin as prompted at the top of the page
Step 2: Click “On” button here

Best Hardware for the Pandemic of 2020

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A handy guide covering the best tech hardware of 2020 during the pandemic including graphics cards, motherboards, monitors, and more! Read all about the best hardware of the year…

Video Card

Hard to beat this mighty card and two of them will get you into 3090 territory. NVLink compatible they fly and for just $550 at the time of writing you can have some serious fun at 1440p and 4k! Don’t expect much above 60 fps at the Ultra settings but remember most people don’t have or cannot afford a 120hz display right now. Finally, these cards are “Upgrade Eligible” to 3080 and 3090 models at the current time. Learn more about this program here. Essentially you can pay EVGA the difference of the newer model card. Amazing offering. So buy a 2070 Super now, join the line for the upgrade to a 3080/3090 and enjoy great graphics card until then! Oh, and yes you could buy two 2070 Super, play with NVLink and upgrade both! Best of all, you don’t have to really decicde until later – maybe you like the 2070 Super enough to not upgrade when you can finally buy the 3080! EVGA Step Up Program


By far the best motherboard for a prosumer during the pandemic is the mighty X470D4U2-2T. This board features IPMI connectivety perfect to leave at home while you take off to your remote work cabin in the woods, or to keep running with dual 10 gigabit ethernet connections for a home grown VPN build. You can find these sub-$400 at the time of writing and this is well worth it for the IPMI and dual 10 GBE.

HTC 5G Hub

The value champion of the year! Found on eBay for $225 unlocked for any carrier – this Hub is no longer sold from Sprint but can still work on any carrier once unlocked! The devices runs full android and has a screen that is gorgeous, the processor and graphics are fast enough to watch 4k youtube. When it comes to wireless performance, the x55 chip has some of the fastest 4G speeds I have been able to find so far. Needed a sim that works with sprint/t-mobile to update the OS but after that, was still able to switch provider and use device with just about anything! The device has a speaker, usb-c, battery, and ethernet jack. It’s a truly amazing deal for the features available.

Portable Monitor
UPerfect 15″

This is the only edition that comes with a 10,000 MaH battery! Amazing product that makes it easy to plug into anything with an HDMI port even if you don’t have power for the display. The battery can even charge devices and the screen has speakers, a stand, and adjustable brightness! Considering the size, at 15″ – 4K is too small to even use on a display of this size, so stick to the 1080p model – and the one with a battery. You won’t regret it.

Xiaomi K20 Pro

Samsung – 43″ Class 7 Series LED 4K UHD Smart Tizen TV
Samsung TU7000 / UN43TU7000FXZA

Samsung - 43" Class 7 Series LED 4K UHD Smart Tizen TV 
Samsung TU7000 / UN43TU7000FXZA

This TV is available for $279.99 at BestBuy and can be used as a monitor as long as you are sitting far enough back from the screen (about 4 feet).

Best FOSS 2020

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This is a list of the best FOSS or Free and Open-Source Software of apps that I have collected or used over the year.

DNS : Adguard-Home
Router (DHCP) : OpnSense
Firewall : OpnSense
Mail Server :
Benchmarking : Geekbench4
Office Version : Office 2016 – Perpetrual License/No recurring fees!
Windows Version : Windows AME
Speedtest : Speedtest / Google Fiber
Virtualization : Vmware Workstation 16
Hypervisor : ProxMox
Linux OS : Zorin OS 15.3 Ultimate
Photo Editor (Linux) : snap install glimpse-editor
Monitoring : statping
Proxy : Nginx Proxy Manager

gnome for proxmox

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To enable gnome for proxmox the process is very simple. First setup proxmox, and then run the following shell commands in proxmox

tasksel install desktop gnome-desktop
#Then enable gnome on startup
sudo systemctl set-default
#Now disable gdm-password for root login check
sed -i 's/.*pam_succeed_if/#&/' /etc/pam.d/gdm-password
#Now login with console ! 

debian install gnome

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Using tasksel is the fastest way to install gnome on debian.

sudo tasksel install desktop gnome-desktop
#Then enable gnome on startup
sudo systemctl set-default

Tile Premium Review and Bugs

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I wanted to setup Tile with Smart Alerts so I bought premium and went to configure it on an iPhone 7 Pro with iOS 13.4

Ok so off to change the settings…

Umm – where my Tile permissions at? Let’s keep looking…

No permissions here

And no permissions here /

So where do we end up? Stuck at the First permission screen without access to the Smart Alerts. Not a good start for Premium features…

The plot thickens!

Ok, so here I have attempted to send screenshots over the premium support message number – however they haven’t appeared to enable MMS on the number (lazy) and start telling me to go fill out a form on the website. Wait a second? I thought this was premium support! So I push for an email address and they refuse. At this point I decide its time for this review.

I would not recommend this service at this time and I will be cancelling it until premium support actually means premium not go fill out the public form. They couldn’t even supply an email for contact or receive MMS so why even bother with SMS? Seems a new idea not thought through very well.

/usr/lib/ undefined symbol: gtk_widget_hide_on_delete

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Fixes /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: gtk_widget_hide_on_delete

Step 1 : Check nvidia-smi for version first

Step 2: Locate nvidia-settings with same version as Step 1 at and download with wget to your system.

Step 3: Follow steps below replacing XXX with the version you downloaded.

sudo apt-get remove nvidia-modprobe nvidia-settings
sudo dpkg -i nvidia-settings_XXX.deb
sudo reboot now

free up disk space linux system with bleachbit

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Free up disk space on linux with bleachbit
sudo apt-get install python-gtk2 -y
apt –fix-broken install
apt-get install python-gtk2 -y
dpkg -i bleachbit_2.2_all_ubuntu1804.deb
bleachbit –list | grep -E “[a-z0-9_\-]+\.[a-z0-9_\-]+” | xargs bleachbit –clean