Zotac ID91 Hackintosh Yosemite Clover Install Guide

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This guide is written to get you up and running with the latest OS X Yosemite 10.10.2 with Clover bootloader.  I used to use MultiBeast but it took a while to learn Clover, however the advantages are worth the learning curve.  This guide should get you up and running on a Zotac ID91 – a perfect <$400 hackintosh!


  • Download latest OS X Yosemite on a Mac – or find it on the bitttorrents
  • 8GB or greater USB Key
  • Software:

Latest Clover bootloader from Sourceforge

1.  Format an 8gb or greater USB Key with 1 partition – GUID boot loader – and OS X Journled partition.

2.  Run the following – replacing XXX with the location of your USB Drive.
sudo /Applications/Install OS X --volume /Volumes/XXX/ --applicationpath /Applications/Install OS X --no interaction

This will extract Yosemite onto your USB Key

3.  Install Clover – with following settings

Now we must mount the EFI Partition and add our Extensions to the 10.10 kexts folder to make things work ootb.

To mount your EFI Partition, use

diskutil list

Determine your drive and EFI Partition and mount with

diskutil mount disk1s1

Add the following kexts to your EFI/Clover/Kexts/10.10 folder –


Restart with the new USB Key

Goto Options > Binaries Patching Menu >  Kernel PM Patch and hit spacebar to enable it

Boot the installer

Format your boot drive with GUID bootloader and Mac OS X Journaled

Stuck in a reboot loop?

Remember if you restart at this point, the Kernel PM must be enabled each time – until we install Clover on the main boot drive –


  1. Clover patched AppleHDA
    1. Download (View Raw) audio_cloverALC-100.command
    2. Double click: Downloads/audio_cloverALC-100.command
    3. Password:
    4. Confirm Codec ALCxxx: (885, 887, 888, 889, 892, 898, 1150 only)
    5. Clover/Legacy: answer y to Confirm Clover Legacy Install (y/n)
    6. Clover Audio ID Injection (y/n):
    7. Use Audio ID: x (y/n):
    8. Optional: Terminal/Terminal Saved Output
  2. Restart
  3. Verify ALC onboard audio
    1. System Preferences/Sound/Output/select audio device

Incomplete – not enabled yet.  Lookup HD4400 HDMI Audio for guides

Graphics: Intel HD4400 Desktop using FakePCIID

  • Install latest version of FakePCIID from
    Install both FakePCIID.kext and FakePCIID_HD4600_HD4400.kext in /System/Library/Extensions, /Extra/Extensions or Clover kexts.
  • Insert a fakeid and platform-id through clover configurator.
    Devices>FakeID>IntelGFX = 0x04128086
    Graphics>Inject>Intel>ig-platform-id = 0x0d220003

What is the longest lasting Thinkpad battery life?

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Battery Life means everything.  Without it, the party is over.

Ever wonder what model of Thinkpad has the longest battery life/runtime?

Here is the list:

X1 Carbon Touch

Up to 8.2 hours


  • Battery life:
    • 4-cell: up to 3.4 hr.
    • 6-cell: up to 6.7 hr.
    • 9-cell: up to 11.3 hr.


  • Battery life:
    • 4-cell: up to 4.1 hr;
    • 6-cell: up to 9.2 hr;
    • 9-cell: up to 13.8 hr;
    • external battery: up to 9.4 hr;
    • 9-cell plus external battery: up to 23.2 hr


BATTERY 4 cell (29 Wh) − up to 8.9 hrs 6 cell (63 Wh) − up to 9.9 hrs 9 cell (94 Wh) − up to 14.8 hrs 6 cell (57 Wh) Slice Battery − up to 24.9 hrs with 9 cell and 6 cell slice


Upto 17.4 Hours (with 3 cell battery (23Wh) + 6 cell battery (72Wh))


Battery Up to 20 hours and available with 6-cell Power Bridge 72Wh battery


  • Battery operation (*1):
    • Four-cell Li-Ion battery: Up to 3.6 hours
    • Six-cell Li-Ion battery: Up to 4.3 hours
    • Nine-cell Li-Ion battery: Up to 6.4 hours
    • Three-cell battery Li-Polymer: Up to 4 hours


  • Battery life:
    • 6-cell: up to 3.5 hours
    • 9-cell: up to 5.8 hours
    • 9-cell Slice battery: up to 5.8 hours


Integrated 3-cell 23.5 Whr + (center + sign) ThinkPad® 68 Battery (3-cell 23.5 Whr) ThinkPad 6-cell 47 Whr Battery ThinkPad 68+ Battery (6-cell 72 Whr)

More than 10 hours of battery life???




The winner?  The x230 with 24.9 hours.  But the deal and steal is the X220 – now priced for around $200-300 on Ebay with an IPS display, if you can spare the 1 hour difference (you won’t even notice).  Pick one of these up before they are all gone.

Deploy Script Meteor on Modulus with Codeship

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Continuous Integration with, Meteor, and Modulus.  Follow these three easy steps to get started…

Start by signing up for a account and linking an active Github or Bitbucket repository. 

#1.  Setup Tests > I want to Create My Own Commands:

nvm install 0.10.33
nvm use 0.10.33
curl -o
chmod +x
sed -i "s/type sudo >/dev/null 2>&1/ false /g"
export PATH=$PATH:~/.meteor/
meteor --version

#2.  Click Deployment, “Add a Branch to Deploy”.  Be careful here, as you must manually type in  the Branch you plan on deploying to – Codeship does not autofill this, so it can be confusing.

Be sure your Deployment Branch matches the branch you will be pushing too.  Otherwise, your app will not deploy to Modulus.

#3.  Select the Modulus icon and be sure to fill in all the fields:

Api Token :

Project Name :

Url :

#4.  Reward yourself.

VyprVPN by Giganews Server Locations

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These are the most up-to-date server locations for connecting to the VyprVPN by Giganews.

Don’t have an account yet? Learn more here

[tabs slidertype=”left tabs”] [tabcontainer] [tabtext]Los Angeles, CA[/tabtext] [tabtext]Washington, DC[/tabtext] [tabtext]Amsterdam[/tabtext] [tabtext]Hong Kong[/tabtext] [tabtext]London[/tabtext] [tabtext]Paris[/tabtext] [tabtext]Frankfurt[/tabtext][/tabcontainer] [tabcontent] [/tabcontent] [/tabs]

Add jail shelled FTP/SSH user on CentOS / Plesk

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The process of adding a new FTP user with SSH access to a Plesk / CentOS server is more difficult than it needs to be.  Plesk will only allow you to add WebUsers to your domains which have FTP accounts, not full SSH accounts.  Here is the quick and dirty. We want our new user to be in chroot jail and to inherit the same permissions as another user on the system.  The user will be restricted to the top level directory you define (for example httpdocs in this case).

Login as Root:

1.  cat /etc/passwd/ | grep 'anyusername'

This will return:


The first set of numbers after “:x:” is the UID or User Identifier.  We will use this in the next command to copy the same permissions.

2.useradd -u 10009 -o -d /var/www/vhosts/ -g psaserv -s /usr/local/psa/bin/chrootsh newusername

Replace “” with your domain, and “newusername” with the new user you would like to add.

3.passwd newusername

Gives the user a password.

4. usermod -s /bin/bash newusername

Boom! Done.

For an in-depth discussion on working with rssh, chroot, and users – see UnixCraft

Acer Aspire 3690 Broadcom Wireless 43xx Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic

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Issue : After installing Ubuntu 9.10 wireless and wired networking are either working sporadicly or not at all.  The most vanilla solution you will find.

Target : Acer Aspire 3690-2159

OS : ubuntu-9.10-desktop-i386

Hardware : Broadcom 4318 Wireless Adapter

Ensure your wireless switch is turned on in the front before reading step 1.

1.  Install Ubuntu 9.10

2.  Plug in active internet connection the Wired ethernet

3.  Run update-manager

4.  Restart after Kernel update

5.  Now with internet still plugged in, goto System>Administration>Hardware Drivers

6.  Select the Broadcom B43 wireless drive and click activate.

7.  Type in your administrator password

8.  Restart

et Voila.

Animata – Real Time Animation in SL

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Video after the break!

Reverse Shadow Theatre from gabor papp on Vimeo.

Animata Jazz Pub from gabor papp on Vimeo.

“Animata is a cross-platform open source real-time animation software for live performance developed in Kitchen Budapest in 2007.

The software makes it really easy to create scenes with virtual puppets, which can be moved according to live input signals received from various physical sensors, microphones or cameras.

This video demonstrates Animata reacting to live audio input.


Bence Samu – video, animation, programming
Peter Nemeth, Gabor Papp – programming
Janos Gardos – graphics
Gabor Csordas – sound”