Facebook Chat is not Secure

By December 2, 2009Interest
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Project Harp
11 years ago

check! facebook’s just not safe anymore!

Kathi Helfenstein
11 years ago

We exploit the opportunity of this blog post to inform internet users about our effort to make a steady and fair environment for Facebook users. As you may already know Facebook Accounts are SUSPENDED with geometrical progress. We started a petition against this policy and we ask to unite your voice with ours to create the proper attention and rectify this issue with Facebook admins. Current social media editors at various magazines want to see that there is a certain interest before they create articles to their websites and/or magazines. To all readers and to blog owner we ask to support our petition here : http://FacebookDisabled.me (redirects to petitionspot) – Twitter : http://twitter.com/facebookpetitio . Thanks everyone for this time !!

Michel Keltz
10 years ago

Like your website, I have been reading quite a lot about this recently and it is helpful to get lots of different bits of information and points of view. Look forward to reading more.