New Samsung NVME is faster than RAM!

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The introduction of the Samsung 980 Pro with speeds claiming up to 7,000/5,000MB/s for read/write speed – this new era of PCIE 4.0 NVME is faster than ram! RAM costs about 10x more than NVME storage.

DDR4 Specs

Friendly nameIndustry namePeak Transfer RateData transfers/second (in millions)
DDR4-2400PC4-1920019200 MB/s2400
DDR4-2666PC4-2130021300 MB/s2666
DDR4-2933PC4-2340023400 MB/s2933
DDR4-3000PC4-2400024000 MB/s3000
DDR4-3200PC4-2560025600 MB/s3200
DDR4-3600PC4-2880028800 MB/s3600
DDR4-4000PC4-3200032000 MB/s4000
DDR4-4400PC4-3520035200 MB/s4400

DDR3 Specs

Friendly nameIndustry namePeak Transfer RateData transfers/second (in millions)
DDR3-800PC3-64006400 MB/s800
DDR3-1066PC3-85008533 MB/s1066
DDR3-1333PC3-1060010667 MB/s1333
DDR3-1600PC3-1280012800 MB/s1600

As you can see in these charts, this new speed if faster than base level DDR3 memory.

Tile Premium Review and Bugs

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I wanted to setup Tile with Smart Alerts so I bought premium and went to configure it on an iPhone 7 Pro with iOS 13.4

Ok so off to change the settings…

Umm – where my Tile permissions at? Let’s keep looking…

No permissions here

And no permissions here /

So where do we end up? Stuck at the First permission screen without access to the Smart Alerts. Not a good start for Premium features…

The plot thickens!

Ok, so here I have attempted to send screenshots over the premium support message number – however they haven’t appeared to enable MMS on the number (lazy) and start telling me to go fill out a form on the website. Wait a second? I thought this was premium support! So I push for an email address and they refuse. At this point I decide its time for this review.

I would not recommend this service at this time and I will be cancelling it until premium support actually means premium not go fill out the public form. They couldn’t even supply an email for contact or receive MMS so why even bother with SMS? Seems a new idea not thought through very well.

The 2 things wrong with the iPad Pro

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Here are some of the reasons the iPad Pro has failed to live up to expectations.

1. No 1080p or 4k video support on YouTube. Due to licensing issues Safari, nor any other browser can display even a 1080p video on YouTube. For a device that costs as much as this, this is unacceptable.

2. Uninstalling pre-installed apps. This may be a complaint towards the operating system more so than the device, but once again Apple suprises us all. Apps uninstall themselves! Magically. With no warning, Apple started uninstalling apps to make room for new content and never have to warn the user of disk space. Sounds like a great idea until you are offline somwhere and go to use an app you believed was on your device when in fact it was removed!

Why I traded-in my AT&T Phone for an Amazon Gift Card.

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AT&T is one of the Worst mobile carriers for Android hardware. I had a Samsung S6 EDGE+ sm-g928A variant. 32gb in Gold Platinum. The problem is AT&T loads so much bloatware on the phone, it makes it almost unusable. You cannot root this phone. Additionally there hasn’t been an update issue since December of 2015. It’s now May of 2016!

Amazon Trade-In’s offers you cash in the form of Amazon gift card for your old devices. This is a great way to recycle and reclaim value for items that would otherwise just be collecting dust.

In an effort to use products that are more sustainable, I have banned AT&T phones from my life. I will continue with a Blackphone 2 and One Plus Two.

Webpass Surpasses Speedtest

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Webpass has recently boosted it’s speed in downtown SOMA (South of Market Street) for San Francisco.  Although the current service is only rated at 200mb/s – the new speeds seem to indicate a change will be coming soon.  I am now consistently pulling well over 400mb/s down and 200mb/s up.  God bless America, and Webpass.  You can currently subscribe to this offer for $55 a month or $500 a year.  This is some of the fastest and cheapest internet in the country at this point.

Only in France – 200Mb/s Internet

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France has recently brought the EuroDOCSIS 3.0 standard to a new level. Squeezing just over 200mb out of a standard coaxial cable line is quite a feat. Although currently available in the Capital city, this ridiculous speed is slowly being rolled out to the rest of the country. Created to compete directly with Fiber and the offerings from France Telecom. The operator Numericable makes it easy to upgrade and for 39€ a month, you too can be downloading files at 25mb per second. I am still in shock and awe of this speed and price. While those in San Francisco wait and wonder why we are neglected by a bandwidth shortage, those here in Paris are living the good life on a serious speed kick.

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VyprVPN by Giganews Server Locations

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These are the most up-to-date server locations for connecting to the VyprVPN by Giganews.

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[tabs slidertype=”left tabs”] [tabcontainer] [tabtext]Los Angeles, CA[/tabtext] [tabtext]Washington, DC[/tabtext] [tabtext]Amsterdam[/tabtext] [tabtext]Hong Kong[/tabtext] [tabtext]London[/tabtext] [tabtext]Paris[/tabtext] [tabtext]Frankfurt[/tabtext][/tabcontainer] [tabcontent] [/tabcontent] [/tabs]