Review of La Box by Numericable

By March 16, 2012Flash Review

Flash Review!  (30 second reviews of your favorite products).

Today I present the all new La Box by Numericable:

–The activation server was broken (Scripting errors at – so I had to call, after demanding a remote activation she flashed the box remotely and we were off and running)

–Configuration interface is at – default username : admin default password : password.

–Gigabit Ethernet!  Finally ready for prime time.

–The remote is clunky and uncomfortable – clicking the center button to confirm anything is hard, and makes me overreach.  I don’t have small hands either, but maybe the French have freakishly large paws.

–No alternative languages – French is the only language you can use the TV Guide in.  Rather disappointing and isolationist if you ask me…

–I was told to use my old decoder card, but I am not seeing all the channels.  TF1 is now freezing. (Will have to call and fix later).

–Installing a 160gb hard drive has never been easier, unpack and stuff it in the back of the box.

–Speed on Usenet is maxing out at 25mb/s.  I cannot be more thrilled, TV or not.

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