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DirectTV Now – Is it worth it?

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DirectTV Now was launched as a streaming service offering live TV streamed to your many devices. After some initial testing, I have decided to cancel my subscription for the following reasons:

1. The Apps are buggy and featureless – both the AppleTV and iPhone Apps had multiple crashes and I never felt comfortable using them after so many crashes
2. There is no on-demand! This seems like more a problem with the apps than content.
3. There are no commercials, but worse replaced by cheesy elevator music and the most horrible waiting screen since 1990.
4. Streaming through the browser is only supported on Chrome, Safari, and IE.  No Opera or Firefox!!

Although they offer a 7 day trial, it only took two days for me to realize this was the worst deal on the internet. Don’t do it.  I can only recommend this for people who don’t want to watch TV but just like the background noise of it.

Why you should buy an NVIDIA Shield now.

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The latest from NVIDIA, the Shield has a little known feature called GameStream.  This is a first of its kind allowing you to seamlessly stream PC gaming titles direct to your TV via the Shield.  You’ll need GeForce hardware and the latest GeForce Experience installed.  The Shield supports 4K – so don’t think about using anything less than a GeForce 980Ti. My personal preference is the GeForce 980Ti G1 gaming.  Lag compensation is impressive to say the least and as long as you have current hardware you won’t notice any input lag.  

The Shield is truly a one of a kind, unique device.  Allowing PC gamers to finally easily enjoy the latest titles from the comfort of your big screen.  You can play both on a Shield controller or plugin a wireless or wired mouse and keyboard.  

Stream is directly integrated with its own app running on the Shield.  

Do yourself a favor now and go pickup a Shield for only $179 on Amazon.  You won’t regret it.  

Klipsch Promedia 2.1 Review

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Starting a review with “although made in 2009” may be appropriate in this case, there are unfortunately few consumer 2.1 THX certified options still available on the market left to review.  The Klipsch Promedia 2.1 is a formidable option, well suited for a small home cinema on a budget or a solid speaker system for your desktop or gaming needs.  The bass is loud and profound.  You can easily upset the neighbors, or control the bohemth bass by a turn of the controls on the left speaker.  Purispts might hate the fact there is no remote but I don’t find it to be an issue when paired with an NVIDIA Shield which has speaker control built into the remote.  Don’t hesitate now as who knows how long these systems will be available as these speakers are definitely “legacy”. At this point.  If you don’t need glitz and glamour options or more than 2.1 – there really isn’t any other option.  The only competitor is possibly the Razer Leviathan.  Read more details on the Razer system and my impressions here.  BestBuy will price match this item, which is currently listed at $149.99 – but you should be able to price match if you watch the deals.  

Review of La Box by Numericable

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Flash Review!  (30 second reviews of your favorite products).

Today I present the all new La Box by Numericable:

–The activation server was broken (Scripting errors at – so I had to call, after demanding a remote activation she flashed the box remotely and we were off and running)

–Configuration interface is at – default username : admin default password : password.

–Gigabit Ethernet!  Finally ready for prime time.

–The remote is clunky and uncomfortable – clicking the center button to confirm anything is hard, and makes me overreach.  I don’t have small hands either, but maybe the French have freakishly large paws.

–No alternative languages – French is the only language you can use the TV Guide in.  Rather disappointing and isolationist if you ask me…

–I was told to use my old decoder card, but I am not seeing all the channels.  TF1 is now freezing. (Will have to call and fix later).

–Installing a 160gb hard drive has never been easier, unpack and stuff it in the back of the box.

–Speed on Usenet is maxing out at 25mb/s.  I cannot be more thrilled, TV or not.