z87n-wifi Haswell Mavericks Hackintosh Install Guide GTX760

By March 16, 2016Hackintosh

This guide covers how to install the latest OS X Mavericks General Master seed on a Gigabyte z87-N wifi motherboard with a 4870k Haswell processor and Gigabyte GTX760.

Files Required:

OS X Mavericks GM Seed – http://apple.com/developer

myHack Beta 8

Multibeast 5.5.2

Z87n-wifi mavericks 10.9 gtx760 install guide hackintosh

Geek bench score : 18885

Spheroid case
I’m using an H55 water cooler mounted with the radiator and fan above

Format drive mbr
Download mavericks gm master
Run my hack selecting gm master from applications folder
Create 10.9 install disk
Answer no to mbr support

Bios – default, disable secure boot, disable uefi , disable integral graphics
Boot flags installer
GraphicsEnabler=0 dart

Boot flags first boot

GraphicsEnabler=0 dart=0 -v -x -f

Setup account

Reboot with
GraphicsEnabler=0 dart=0 -v -f

Install multibeast 5.5.1 with
Dust free
GraphicsEnabler No

Reboot with

dart=0 -v -f

Add dart=0 to smb


Switch to second display port


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