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By March 12, 2017Networking

Firewall / Router :

1. OpnSense (IPv6 Support – also uses latest Unbound DNS)

2. Untangle (dismal IPv6 support but gets the job done)

3. ClearOS (lacking good IPv6 support)

Access Points:

1.  Linkys Velop

2.  Orbi – highest throughput

3.  Eero


Cisco SG200-08 8-port Gigabit Smart Switch (SLM2008T-NA) – supports 802.3ad which enables Link Aggregation with LACP (automatically!)


Plex Media Server – Recommended a specific machine for this transcoder!

PiHole Server – Block Ads and use as DNS Server (override DNS from ISP always with this box)

Backup Server/NAS Solution/Off-Site rsync

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