Add jail shelled FTP/SSH user on CentOS / Plesk

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The process of adding a new FTP user with SSH access to a Plesk / CentOS server is more difficult than it needs to be.  Plesk will only allow you to add WebUsers to your domains which have FTP accounts, not full SSH accounts.  Here is the quick and dirty. We want our new user to be in chroot jail and to inherit the same permissions as another user on the system.  The user will be restricted to the top level directory you define (for example httpdocs in this case).

Login as Root:

1.  [raw]cat /etc/passwd/ | grep ‘anyusername'[/raw]

This will return:


The first set of numbers after “:x:” is the UID or User Identifier.  We will use this in the next command to copy the same permissions.

2.[raw]useradd -u 10009 -o -d /var/www/vhosts/ -g psaserv -s /usr/local/psa/bin/chrootsh newusername[/raw]

Replace “” with your domain, and “newusername” with the new user you would like to add.

3.[raw]passwd newusername[/raw]

Gives the user a password.

4. [raw]usermod -s /bin/bash newusername[/raw]

Boom! Done.

For an in-depth discussion on working with rssh, chroot, and users – see UnixCraft

Settings Wireless Region Linux – Channel 13 Backtrack 4

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One of the most recent problems I stumbled upon while running Backtrack, or any other linux distro for that matter is setting the region on a wireless card.  The typical procedure is :

[raw]iwconfig wlan0 channel 13[/raw]

And commonly you will get

[raw]error for wireless regquest ”set frequency”
set failed on device wlan0 ; invalid arugment[/raw]

There is an easy fix for this that will allow you to change the region mode your wireless adapter is in.

[raw]iw reg set FR[/raw] [raw]iw reg set US[/raw]

More on IW here.



Center Frequency

Frequency Spread


2412 MHz

2399.5 MHz – 2424.5 MHz


2417 MHz

2404.5 MHz – 2429.5 MHz


2422 MHz

2409.5 MHz – 2434.5 MHz


2427 MHz

2414.5 MHz – 2439.5 MHz


2432 MHz

2419.5 MHz – 2444.5 MHz


2437 MHz

2424.5 MHz – 2449.5 MHz


2442 MHz

2429.5 MHz – 2454.5 MHz


2447 MHz

2434.5 MHz – 2459.5 MHz


2452 MHz

2439.5 MHz – 2464.5 MHz


2457 MHz

2444.5 MHz – 2469.5 MHz


2462 MHz

2449.5 MHz – 2474.5 MHz


2467 MHz

2454.5 MHz – 2479.5 MHz


2472 MHz

2459.5 MHz – 2484.5 MHz

Acer Aspire 3690 Broadcom Wireless 43xx Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic

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Issue : After installing Ubuntu 9.10 wireless and wired networking are either working sporadicly or not at all.  The most vanilla solution you will find.

Target : Acer Aspire 3690-2159

OS : ubuntu-9.10-desktop-i386

Hardware : Broadcom 4318 Wireless Adapter

Ensure your wireless switch is turned on in the front before reading step 1.

1.  Install Ubuntu 9.10

2.  Plug in active internet connection the Wired ethernet

3.  Run update-manager

4.  Restart after Kernel update

5.  Now with internet still plugged in, goto System>Administration>Hardware Drivers

6.  Select the Broadcom B43 wireless drive and click activate.

7.  Type in your administrator password

8.  Restart

et Voila.

Ubuntu Karmic 9.10 and Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P – Black screen

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After any install of Karmic, 9.10 the new GRUB 2 bootloader will not start the generic kernel. On first reboot after a fresh install, when you select the standard boot image you are left with a black screen, and possibly a blinking cursor in the upper left hand corner.  To boot anything functional I was forced to start in rescue mode, resume normal boot, login as my user, then run [cci]startx[/cci] to start GNOME. What a disaster! Simple fix? You got it!

It’s time to edit Grub2, a daunty little beast that is not to be mistaken for Grub.

1. Open the grub config

[raw]sudo gedit /etc/default/grub[/raw]

2. A note : grub.cfg cannot be modified without changing the file permissions first. Do not modify [cci]/boot/grub/grub.cfg[/cci] Simply put, every time you run update-grub this file is re-generated. Changes here can be dangerous.

3. Find the following, or similar depending on your kernel

[raw]linux /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.31-14-generic root=UUID=94db3b6d-1959-49d3-8565-6e3e28acdc64 ro quiet splash[/raw]

4. Remove “quiet splash”

[raw]linux /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.31-14-generic root=UUID=94db3b6d-1959-49d3-8565-6e3e28acdc64 ro[/raw]

5. Run

[raw]sudo update-grub[/raw]

6. Reboot

The Perfect Bag – Consulting

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Supporting multiple operating systems on all types of different hardware configurations seems to be a daunting task, however in my daily routine I find that a perfect balance in the bag can really make this job a lot easier.

What’s in the bag!

-320GB External USB Hard Drive – 7200 RPM/SATA/USB
(2 screws to open external exclosure)

-Macbook (2.1Ghz C2D, 3GB Ram, 320 GB 7200 RPM HD)
Parallels running Windows 7 and Ubuntu 9.04


-Small Screwdriver Set

-USB Charger – large/mini usb for Blackberry

-iPhone w Charger
Jailbroken w/SSH

-Dual USB charger, with miniUSB

-Sprint Unlocked Blackberry 9630 Tour

-8GB USB Key

-3FT Firewire Cable

What do I need?
Well, I would one day like to be able to replace the Macbook with a well partitioned netbook.

Nolcha comments on 88plug and the HotChocolate Society Oscar Party

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Nolcha had a nice writeup on the event and the work that I did.

“The HotChocolate™ Society Oscar Pool was the big prize of the night with the winner receiving “A Kiss from the Queen of Salt”, a salt painting by world renowned artist Bettina Werner and of course a mini HotChocolate™ Man Statuette. One mentionable highlight of the pool was the system created by 88plug, an Andrew Mello brand, that allowed guests to register online with their phones and then watch it auto-rank all players as the awards were revealed. The winner was Pablo Cartaya, a freelance writer, with 10 of 15 answers correct.”

Goto the HotChocolate Society Oscar Party website.

2nd HotChocolate Society Oscar Party

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88plug is sponsoring the Oscar pool with some custom built software for iPhone and Blackberry. We will be releasing this come Sunday evening!

More info and tickets here!

+ 2-Hours 2-4-1 DRINK SPECIALS from 7pm to 9pm
……….HotChocolate Martini (cold)
……….HotChocolate Toddy (hot)
……….Lemondrop Martini
+ Guittard’s Grand Cacao Drinking Chocolate
+ Ceviche & Empanada Station
+ Top Chef’s Savory & Sweet Bites
+ The Oscars® Broadcast on Multiple Screens
+ Whole Foods Market® Gift Bag
+ Live Online Oscar Pool
+ Fabulous Prizes!

22 February 2009, 7pm ‐ Best Picture
310 LOUNGE @ 310 Bowery; New York, NY 10012

TICKET REQUIRED: $25 advance
DOOR: $35

Additional MENU OFFERING: La Barra Cevicheria

* Mexican Fish Ceviche Hors D’oeuvres
* Mexican Mushroom Ceviche Hors D’oeuvres
* Argentinian Style Beef Empanada
* Argentinian Cheese & Poblano Peppers Empanada with Corn
* Mexican Tamales with Chicken & Mole

Animata – Real Time Animation in SL

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Video after the break!

Reverse Shadow Theatre from gabor papp on Vimeo.

Animata Jazz Pub from gabor papp on Vimeo.

“Animata is a cross-platform open source real-time animation software for live performance developed in Kitchen Budapest in 2007.

The software makes it really easy to create scenes with virtual puppets, which can be moved according to live input signals received from various physical sensors, microphones or cameras.

This video demonstrates Animata reacting to live audio input.


Bence Samu – video, animation, programming
Peter Nemeth, Gabor Papp – programming
Janos Gardos – graphics
Gabor Csordas – sound”

February Radar – Oscar’s

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I have been working hard over the last two weeks with Lisa Rein and Michael D Ellenbogen to bring a piece of social interaction to an Oscar’s Party in NYC on Sunday the 22nd.

Our Site:


Full writeup/review/breakdown after the break on Sunday.  We are writing a bit of custom code for this as well to create a pool that is fully compatible on iPhone/Blackberry.  Future goals include porting an SMS feature onto the MSGME API.